Office Manager/Registered Dental hygienist

RDH. Esther Ok

Esther Ok

Meet RDH. Esther Ok

Esther has been with the practice from its inception in 2003. She takes pride in committing to quality care for each of our patients. Having managed the practice for the better of 15 years, she pursued her desire to become certified as a Registered Dental Hygienist to better serve our patients on a more personal level. Whether it’s managing the front office or seeing patients for their hygiene appointment, she treats each patient like her own family member. Our philosophy is to treat each patient, each staff member as our own family member.


“Esther and the staff are always so professional and kind towards me. They have taken care of my teeth when I needed an emergency root canal, recommended that I get Invisalign to help me realign my teeth, and have given me the basic teeth cleaning services, etc. Esther is a great hygienist.”
– Jay T.